Maintaining success can be challenging. Our coach offers advice on preparing your mind first to avoid self-sabotage your success. 

Regardless of your definition of success, what I know for sure is that if your mind isn’t ready to receive the level of success you desire, you’ll soon be self-sabotaging and creating limiting beliefs, causing you to be unhappy and frustrated.

The definition of success can vary depending on who you ask. 

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose or the good or bad of the outcome of an undertaking. 

Society will often measure the result of success by money and status, while others may see it as fulfilling a “list” of what they want to accomplish.

Preparing your mind for success to avoid self-sabotaging is looking at your limiting beliefs created over time.

Letting go of past failures and attempts that didn’t go so well is the best way to clarify how it will be different this time. 

Begin by writing what you have “attempted” and weren’t successful or didn’t maintain your success, including financially, in your career, with a relationship, health, and wellness — all the areas.

When you identify these experiences, you can view how or what you could have changed or shifted to continue or keep the success.

When you try to ignore the things of your past that weren’t successful, you will find them resurfacing in your current attempts.

Break those thoughts now! They are holding you back from having more. They create less.

Trust that when you strive for success, the next version of you won’t be who you are now. 

To get “there” from “here,” you will change.

This change is seeing the opportunity to live your life’s dream and have it all unapologetically.

Remember, you are on a journey of infinite possibilities, and you control the game with your mind for what you desire. How it looks for you may be different from others, but it’s your definition to choose.

Start by believing in yourself and finding the accountability to keep your head in the game, so you won’t let outside influences trip you up or stop you from reaching your success level.

Cheers to you for creating momentum and excitement with a mind ready for success. 

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