Are you the type of person who is a jump all in and hopes you can figure it out along the way? Or are you someone that needs to be provided an in-depth explanation and information about the process before doing the work? Maybe you’re a little of both.

For me, I’m constantly learning new things, and honestly, I get so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do first, so I jump, hoping I will figure it out.

I especially like the hands-on training; however, after the presentation, being left on your own to implement can often lead to not following through or completing the task.

Sound familiar? You are not alone!

Here’s a couple of ways to effectively use content to take you to the next level:

Listen first, then take notes – Often, when you are learning something, you feel the need to take notes. That is what becomes your focus, often missing out on hearing the process. The key is to listen for understanding and visualizing the instruction in your mind’s eye as a learner. Taking notes is a disconnect from that vision. Try dropping the pen and listen to learn, then write notes 

later. And if that doesn’t seem possible, ask permission to audio record the instruction to reference later. 

Be an Action Taker – Following anything you’ve learned, be sure to repeat it right away so you can see how the pieces fall together – the “doers” mindset! The delay in taking action will only allow you to forget key points and steps for doing the task.  By taking action, you see the results and understand the process, which encourages you to keep taking action. 

Once you begin to see how learning and doing is one of the same, you will soon discover how quickly you will want to learn more. You feel empowered and can accomplish more. Learning is vital when leveling up. You don’t know what you don’t know, so go out there and learn. Embrace the journey and watch all the opportunities that show up for you to expand your knowledge and power so you can live your best life!

Here’s to creating the life you deserve!

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